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Unipro Data Logging

Unipro is one of the most popular data logging devices in Europe for kart racing. The robust design offers a very quick to navigate display and the data logging features provide you with all the data you could imagine. In addition to their on-board data loggers/lap timers, we also carry their main stopwatch, the UniStop. For the data logging the main product we keep in stock and use is the Unipro 6003. Other models can be ordered, for the full range visit

Unipro 6003 Big Kit

Unipro 6003On the track the Unipro 6003 provides the driver with vital information such as lap times, split times, rpm, engine water temperature, and speed. Back in the pits the driver can quickly go over the laps in detail including highs and lows for each lap.

All data is logged at up to 10 times per second, and with 2 hours of recording time powerful software on a pc can be used for further analysis. (optional USB cable required).

Other Functions:

  • Engine Operation Time for 25 Engines
  • Tyre Usage Counters for 8 sets
  • Braking and Acceleration Measurement
  • Run-In/Training Mode (laptimes not shown)
  • Cusmotizable Shift and Warning Lights

The Unipro 6003 Big Kit is priced at RM 3,800 and includes the laptimer, magnetic laptime pickup, rpm sensor, water temperature sensor, and 1 wheel speed sensor.

Optional Sensors:

  • G-Gorce
  • Power-Valve,
  • Gps,
  • Exhaust Temperature
  • Cylinder Head Temperature
  • Infra-Red Timing

Download the 6003 Product Sheet

UniStop Stopwatch

Unipro Unistop

The UniStop is a simple but powerful stopwatch favored by mechanics to keep track of action on the racing circuit.

UniStop features

  • Timing of up to 4 drivers with up to 9 splits per lap.
  • Transfer data to PC (USB).
  • Multi-language user interface.
  • Fast and easy to operate.
  • Built-in clock.
  • Large graphical display.
  • Visual indication of faster/slower times from 3 powerfull LEDs.
  • Calculation of theoretical best lap time.

Download the Unistop Product Sheet

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