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Tillett Seats

Tillett Karting Seats have been an integral part of the kart racing scene since the 1980′s. It is without a doubt the most popular seat in the world of karting, with its success down to improving driver comfort and preventing injuries.

At KRS Motorsports our Tillett seats of choice are the Tillett T8, and the Tillett T12 models. These are the models we keep in regular stock, while all other models can be ordered (download the full product brochure below).

Tillett T8

Tillett T8

RRP: RM800

The T8 is the most popular seat made by Tillett Racing Seats. The T8 was the first kart seat ever made using RTM. This system makes a strong fiberglass moulding with a uniform quality and thickness, the process also speeds up production, keeping the price of the T8 below that of the hand made models.

In addition to these benefits, the two smooth sides of the T8 keep a clean, professional image throughout the life of the seat.

Tillett T12

Tillett T12

RRP: RM850

The T12 shape was developed in particular for taller drivers. The high centre of gravity can cause handling problems when the tracks are grippy and covered in rubber.

The shape has become one of the most imitated throughout the world. The seat creates a very low head position, creating a low centre of gravity and better aerodynamics which helps the taller drivers.


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