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Effeciemme is an Italian company that produces honing machines, crankshaft and axle balancing benches, chassis benches (to check for and repair bent frames), as well as other specialised tools for use in Karting.

All of Effeciemme’s products can be ordered from KRS Motorsports. You’re welcome to visit our workshop to see the products in use.

Honing Machines:

Honing Machine

Effeciemme has a selection of honing machines available to fit your needs and budget. Both portable and permanent work shop honing machines are available.

Crank Balancers:

Crank Balancer

A critical aspect of kart engine preparation is balancing the crankshaft. Effeciemme’s products make this important task as accurate possible. Larger axle and crank balancers are also availble.

Chassis Bench:

Chassis Bench

A chassis bench is used to check if a chassis is true and you can get it back in shape and ready for the next race. A portable and permanent bench is available from effeciemme.

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