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Kart Racing School

The KRS Motorsports Kart Racing School provides new drivers with an opportunity to get an introduction to karting or those with a bit of experience a chance to take their karting to the next level. School programs can be done at any of the various tracks in Malaysia. Our primary track is the Sepang Karting Circuit.

Update: For racing school programs please proceed to the Full Focus Kart Racing School website (

Kid Karting Introduction

For kids aged 8-12 years old. Provides an introduction to kart racing in either a MicroMax or 60cc Cadet kart and is typically a 3-hour course which includes a basic briefing on kart driving techniques followed by on-track training. The emphasis here is on FUN. This is a great way to see if your kid is interested in the sport before you get properly involved!

Email to book a session.

Introduction to Kart Racing

This course is run on 125cc Rotax Max Junior engines. You will receive a bit of classroom instruction followed by on-track sessions with constant training provided by an experienced karting instructor with emphasis placed on getting the basics correct from the beginning.

The Introduction to Kart Racing is available for individuals or small groups.

Email to book a session.

Advanced Karting Course

If after taking part in the introduction to karting course you’re raring to go for more you can sign-up for our advanced training course. More advanced techniques are covered and your driving skills are further honed. We will start using data logging and the level of instruction will be highly tailored to your driving abilities

Experienced hobby karters from groups such as My-kart can request to go directly to the advanced techniques by skipping the introduction.

Email to book a session.

Lapping Sessions

For drivers that have completed at least one day of additional training on top of the introductory course, you can get more seat time by renting the karts for lapping sessions. This does not include any specific instruction from an instructor – it is an affordable way of getting some more laps to hone your skills.

You will have the kart waiting for you at the track at 9:30am or as arranged and a mechanic there to make sure it runs perfectly all day long – up to 5pm if you wish. Arrive & Drive charges are based on how much driving you actually do. The base fee covers up to 1 hour of on-track time, which is typically enough to make even an experienced driver tired.

Email to book a session.

Kart Maintenance Course

This course is held at our workshop. The focus is on the setup and maintenance of a Rotax kart. The basics of what you need to know to maintain your kart are covered so that you’ll be able to keep your kart in good running condition. It’s a great course if you’re new to the sport as it effectively takes weeks off your learning curve – there are a lot of small things that aren’t immediately apparent and could cause a lot of headache when you’re getting started.

We will go over simple things such as chain & sprocket care, basics of kart setup, and then on to more advanced things such as carburetor maintenance.

Email to book a session.

Booking a Session

In general we require a booking for a course to be made at least 1 week before the planned date of the course. Below is our basic school calendar. If the dates don’t suit you we are flexible and can arrange another date. There is a slight surcharge for having courses on the weekend. In addition to the costs outlined above the driver will also be responsible for paying the track fee (typically RM70 per day). For courses held at tracks other than Speedway PLUS, additional charges may be applicable.

All courses start in the morning and run at the latest to 5pm. Half-day courses run at the latest to 1pm. We do not recommend starting a half-day course in the afternoon because of the increased chance of rain.

Rain Threat

If there is rain, the course will still go on. If there are monsoon like conditions that prevent the track from being used we will reschedule the course if there was a significant amount remaining.


We are able to provide a slight discount for groups of up to 3 drivers on most of the courses. With groups however the training will not be 1-on-1, but with 1 instructor covering all course participants.

Full members of the My-Kart Karting Club receive special rates on all of the above courses. Contact us for details.

To sign yourself up for a program or for pricing and further details on our kart racing school programs please Email Feel free to visit us at our showroom and workshop. If you wish to reserve a spot, we have some regularly scheduled courses, which are outlined below. We require you to book 1 week in advance.

Karting School Calendar:

Kid Karting is typically on Wednesdays, while Introduction to Karting courses are scheduled for Tuesdays. We are of course able to arrange different dates – please contact us.

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